A Chilly Treat

There’s nothing better than ice cream on a hot day. Kids of all ages know this. Even dogs love a cool treat. You can buy frozen treats for your dog, but you can make them for a lot less money, and control what they eat. This recipe is easy to adapt to your dog’s tastes or nutritional needs.

I use yogurt as the base, and go from there. You can use low fat yogurt to keep the calories down. I think these have about 60 calories each, altho that is a ballpark guess. You can figure it out when you make them by simply adding the calories for each item you include and dividing by the number of servings you make. Don’t overdo, since it’s no better for our pets to overindulge than it is for us.

Ok, enough of that, let’s look at the recipe for Pauli Pops!

A Little Help From My Friend…

It’s Handmade Monday and I’ve had a few glitches in my item I’ve been working on.  I’ll do an entire blog on it, maybe more than one, but it’s not really ready for prime time as they say, so I was searching desperately for something to blog about this morning, at the last minute.  I do have another pursuit that consumes me that I haven’t really blogged.  Partially because I had not figured out how to link Flickr and my blog, and partially because I do incorporate it as a matter of course into my craft blogs and tutorials anyway.  That would be photography.

However, just doing a blog about my pictures seemed a little lame, so I thought I would use them as a way to introduce my other passion, my golden retriever, Pauli.  She is sort of handmade, but not by me.  I did have her mother, who went by the name of Winfrey and was my first Champion.  Pauli is now retired from the show ring, and spends her days lounging around and graciously letting me take photos of her.  She also chases lizards, walks on the Ave downtown any chance she gets and keeps me wonderful company.  She’s particularly photogenic.  See what you think.  🙂

Then head over to Wendy’s and check out the real items for Handmade Monday for this week!  But come back, I promise to have some things cooking when I get this thing I’m working on worked out!  🙂

Sometimes a Door Closes 11/52 by sundero
Sometimes a Door Closes 11/52, a photo by sundero on Flickr.