A Memory Keeper for Visitors

Since we live near the beach, when people come to visit they usually have a few seashells they have collected when they leave.  I searched for inexpensive  snow globes to have on hand to give them to put their treasures in, to remember their  visit, but the ones I found were pretty pricey and large, and were just not what I wanted.  At first I went with vases, to fill with shells, but that wasn’t really what I wanted either, so I needed to come up with something else.

This is easy, and for the most part you can make it with things you might have around the house, especially if you do crafts.  The lid is the most time consuming or difficult part, and you could just buy a cork stopper (you can find them in a craft store in various sizes, although you might have to trim it a bit to fit).  If you do that, save the screw on lid to transport this, so your guest doesn’t get sand and shells all over everything, or put the insides in a ziplock and have them assemble it once they get home.  Also, I cannot say if this can go through airport screening. Who knows these days?

But, they are a cute way to remember a day at the beach!  For step by step directions with photos go to Make it and check out Sea Shells in a Jar.