Indoor Sun Tea

Ice Tea
I was going to post my recipe for Sun Tea (made on the counter, not in the sun), since I’be been making this for years, but I ran across something that discouraged sun tea on the basis of bacteria and food borne illness caused by it, so I’m not going to.  Instead I’m going to post the link to that.

In all of the years I have been making it, we have never gotten sick from it, but I sure don’t want anyone to get ill from it. Do check out the link here on Is Sun Tea Safe? . They suggest you make it in the refrigerator as a safe alternative, or go with the old method of heating your water.

At any rate, tea is still a healthy alternative to soda!

Sweet and Tart

It’s Handmade Monday!  And of course, I’m running late.  I keep promising myself I will do a couple of blogs and save them and just be able to pop them up Sunday night and be good to go, but no, I get so excited when I have something I can’t resist posting it right then, so I never have anything made ahead.  

The problem with making a blog post (for me anyway) is that it’s not just a matter of typing a few words and tossing it online.  I have to take photos while I make it, and then I spend quite a bit of time getting the photos just right.  Sometimes writing it out takes me awhile.  And in the meantime sometimes I just get distracted by other things.  I wonder if other bloggers have the same problem?  And how on earth to people with small children ever get anything like this done?

Well, anyway, I was planning something completely different, but even tho my wonderful husband spent all day Saturday taking me all over we could not find one important ingredient, which I finally had to order online.  So, if it gets here in time, I will make that for next week.  But I was scrambling for something for this week, and fortunately Jeff had found a wonderful recipe for Limeade, and he suggested we try that.  It’s pretty simple, but it really IS awesome!

I’ll stop babbling now and share this easy and tangy Brazilian Lemonade.  BTW I don’t know why it’s called lemonade, it’s made with limes!