Cookies Again?!

I have to stop baking cookies like this or everyone in my house will have to start jogging!  Actually, sadly, I made up a wonderful sherbet recipe this weekend that I am going to have to make again (no photos!) and plan to put on the blog soon since it’s been so hot and everyone needs a good cool food recipe, so maybe that’s not good either.  🙂  Oh, maybe it’s a little healthier than cookies since it had fruit (real fruit!) and no sugar (really, no sugar).  Well, I won’t spoil the recipe here, I’ll try to work on it this week so it won’t be winter by the time I post it.  🙂

However, this blog is about Oatmeal Cookies anyway, so I’m not sure why I’m talking about sherbet anyway.  This is my old tried and true recipe that I used to make for the kids (and my husband and especially my Dad who loves them).  But, this time I decided to try something a little different, and WOW my husband said they were better than good, they were…  I can’t remember his exact words, but they disappeared.

So, go try this recipe.  I think they could easily become your favorite Oatmeal Cookies! You’ll find it by clicking right here on Date Oatmeal Cookies.

And don’t forget, it’s Handmade Monday again!  It’s wonderful to go check out what everyone else is doing.  I haven’t been working on many craft projects lately, it’s been so hot and I’ve been cleaning out the craft room in the back, so I haven’t wanted to start anything messy.  I will probably not start anything until the end of September.  But go see what everyone else is doing because they make the most beautiful and creative things!  🙂

New Take on an Old Favorite

It’s Handmade Monday! I hope you will hop over there when you’re done here and check out all of the cool stuff everyone else is doing.  It’s what I always do on Mondays, but even if you’ve found this on Tuesday or another day, go check it out, it’s fun!

I have been in a cookie baking mood lately.  I did make some of my old standby Oatmeal Cookies (which I will blog maybe next week) BUT I also decided to experiment and make them in a form I could eat, since obviously they had wheat in them.  So, I tried them with rice flour.  I have to admit, I like the rice flour version BETTER!  They are crispy and the taste is excellent.  Even my wheat eating husband was impressed.  I intend to make more and freeze some (I had better be careful or I will fatten us both right up!)

The only thing I want to remind you is that if you have a gluten problem these may or may not be gluten free.  Please do check with your doctor and see if rice and oat are ok.  And apparently some rice and oats are cross contaminated, so even if they are ok for you, obviously you would need to be sure they are made in a place that does not also make products containing gluten.  BUT otherwise, these are good.  And even if wheat is not a problem for you, but you just want something different, try them!  They are no more difficult to make than regular oatmeal cookies.

Head over to Cook It and try my Rice Flour Oatmeal Cookies.