Cook It


  1. Susie says:

    Cooking is something that most of us do because we have to. But eating is something we would do even if we didn’t need to. I think that’s sort of funny. I happen to like to cook, but I don’t really like to cook the same things over and over. I like to experiment, which is fine, but it’s not always good to be on the receiving end of food experiments. Ask my kids.

    The original inspiration for this blog was the recipes that they DID like. The tried and true ones. That doesn’t mean I won’t also put up more recent things. But they will all be things that have been tried and found delicious. And mostly easy. I don’t like to cook things that require many ingredients, or difficult to find ingredients. But, I admit there are a couple of things I like to make that most people probably think are a little intimidating. Like yogurt or bread. But, that’s ok, those really aren’t hard at all. You’ll see.

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