We Didn’t Blow Away!

Isaac didn’t turn into much, and so here I am for Handmade Monday!  I actually made this project on Friday because I had been working getting everything ready all week for Isaac and I wanted to make something easy.  So, I came up with this very simple project that I could wrap up quickly and have something to post.

Things here in South Florida have mostly just been wet and windy, and we only lost electricity at our house for long enough to make the clock have to be reset.  Otherwise, it has not been much of an event.  I have not even gotten any exciting photos.  Of course, it is still raining and blowing while I am typing this, so I suppose it might yet get worse, but I don’t think so.

Please do keep New Orleans and the rest of the Gulf Coast in your thoughts and prayers, however, as it is likely that he is going to get stronger as he heads that direction through the week.

Anyway, please go check out my Puffy Heart.  It’s just a simple little thing.  And then of course, go check out Handmade Monday.  I suspect I will be spending a lot of tomorrow there, as it will probably be raining most of the day, and I will be able to enjoy seeing all of the wonderful things everyone is making and forget the weather here!


  1. Wendy says:

    You know, we complain about the weather quite a lot in the UK but we are so lucky not to have hurricanes. We occasionally get the tail end of one of yours, which can sometimes seem strong, but it’s nowhere near the strength you have over there. Let’s hope Isaac doesn’t cause too many problems for people and everyone stays safe x

  2. So glad you didn’t have any trouble form Isaac, must have been very worrying though wondering what would happen. Puffy heart is really lovely. Hope you have a good week.

    • Susie says:

      Thank you. It was a nice day today, we had our walk and things are returning to normal. I have been making more hearts today, trying to work out the kinks in the design, still having trouble deciding where the best spot to stuff it is.

  3. Lau W says:

    Hello !
    I hope that the hurricane will not cause concern in your city 🙁 So sad weather ! i see damage on TV.
    Your heart is a beautiful creation, love it very much 🙂

    • Susie says:

      Thank you my sweet friend! I am very worried for New Orleans and the Gulf Coast, it looks like it will be bad there, altho maybe not as bad as it could be. I am praying for everyone there.

  4. Deborah says:

    So pleased that Isaac didn’t arrive – it must be such a worry when you have to consider such extreme weather along with everything else in life.

  5. Caroline says:

    So pleased to hear that Isaac did not reach you but agree needs to stay away from land all together. Love the heart so pretty, stay safe

  6. your little heart is so cute! i love anything heart shaped 🙂

    i’m so glad that you haven’t been hit too bad by Isaac… it must be a bit scary knowing that something like that is approaching! x

  7. RosMadeMe says:

    Hi Susie, it looks really grim in Florida on our news in the UK, hope that the hurricane veers away from you. Have you put lavender in your heart or pot pourri? I am looking at the lavender in my garden and I think my secateurs may see some action shortly!

    • Susie says:

      I think TV always goes for the spectacle! It was lots and lots of rain, some wind and lots and lots of rain (did I mention lots of rain?) 🙂 There was flooding in our area, altho not right at our house. Many of my teacher friends got a day or two off of school (a few are still closed tomorrow).
      I made some hearts today filled with something, but not lavender, since I don’t have a garden! I will have to go buy some, but that sounds lovely!

  8. ClairLou says:

    Not getting blown away is always a bonus 🙂
    Like the puffy heart, good choice of colours and patterns.

  9. handbagsbyhelen says:

    I nearly got blown off the top of Snowdon yesterday and having spent 5 hours walking in the rain realised that waterproofs just aren’t waterproof enough!
    Am hoping New Orleans doesn’t have a repeat of Katrina.

    • Susie says:

      The news is talking a Katrina redeaux but I keep hoping they are being melodramatic. I don’t know tho. My niece was living there until a month or so ago, but I do still have family in Houston and many friends on the Gulf Coast, so we will pray that Isaac will just bring lots of very needed rain and not much wind or danger.
      I’m sorry you got wet and almost blew away! I am very very tired of wetness!

  10. knitnrun says:

    I really like the way you have finished your heart off with the beads. Glad Isaac didn’t cause too much havoc. Definitely in my prayers.

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