Buttery Goodness

Back when I was first married we were able to get real milk. By that I mean raw milk from a farmer. It wasn’t homogenized or pasteurized. It came in a gallon glass jar with a screw on metal lid and the cream rose to the top. My neighbor told me I should make my own butter, that it was easy.

At first I thought, “Why would I want to do that?” After all, butter was readily available at the grocery store. Besides we usually used margarine anyway, because it came in little tubs and was easy to spread. This was before I was concerned about nutrition and cooking and mostly concerned about how much things cost and whether or not Jeff would eat what I made.

But, I was a little intrigued by the idea of making butter. My Mom had bought raw milk from the farmer down the road when we lived in Ruidoso, but she never made butter. In fact, I didn’t know anyone who had ever made it. If my Grandmother or Granny had they’d certainly never mentioned it to me.

Anyway, Sharon, my neighbor explained how to make it in my blender, and it sounded so easy, I really didn’t believe her. If it was that easy, why did we all buy it? There must be some catch. Something that I would discover when I tried to make it.

However, I decided give it a try. To my shock and wonder, she had not steered me wrong. It WAS easy! And wonderful. And so, you can do it too. Of course, in the intervening years it has become much more difficult to get raw milk, unless you have your own cow. But, you can make it with heavy cream from the grocery store. I did buy organic cream, but I suspect it doesn’t matter from a will it work standpoint.

You don’t really have to tell your friends how easy it is. And they will think you’re amazing when you tell them you made the butter yourself. 🙂 Unless they have the internet and look it up, of course. So, let’s go check out how to make Homemade Garlic Butter. Oh, you can leave the garlic out and make plain butter, I just decided to dress it up a bit.