In Case You Missed It

It’s Handmade Monday again and the project I was working on today didn’t turn out.  I had such lovely photos of the beginning of it, got all the way thru and nothing!  I know what I did wrong, and I can sort of salvage it, but not in time for Handmade Monday, and since it’s still Easter Sunday here, I don’t want to spend the rest of the day on this.  So, I’m going to link to yesterday’s blog, which really was a good one that most people probably didn’t see anyway.  No, really, even tho it’s an Easter thing, I think you will enjoy it, and put this recipe into your recipe book for next year (or find a way to make these for some other occasion–they are AWESOME!).

Check it out here.  🙂  And check out Handmade Monday because those ladies make the coolest stuff!  Just click on the link at the beginning of this post.  but not until you check out the Butter Cream Easter Egg recipe.  🙂


  1. Ladies? I know us Jocks wear kilts but……. lol only kidding 🙂

    Happy easter and sorry your items didnt turn out the way you wanted cant wait to see what it is your making.


    • Susie says:

      Oh silly me, I forget we have a fella! My mistake, and I won’t make it again! 🙂 I will blog the mistake and the fix. I was so disappointed, it was going to be good! Hope you had a wonderful Easter as well. I’ve eaten far too much!

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