Chili Like I Make It

Chili is one of the more controversial dishes.  Even the spelling.  Chili? Chile?  Look it up, both are accepted, but people will argue about it.  Who cares.  It’s tasty.  My recipe originally had beans in it, but real chili experts will turn their noses up.  And so does my husband and at least one of my kids.  So, I like beans in it (and it makes it go further and adds fiber) but I’m leaving them out.

It’s a good meal for cold days, but I can eat it any time.  Great for lunch, great for dinner.  Better the next day, make a bunch and freeze some for later.  You’re only limited by the size of your pot.  I could usually make this with things I had on hand, and most of the ingredients can be substituted with something else, except for chili powder, cumin and some version of tomato.  Cumin is the secret, in my opinion, for chili that tastes like chili or chili that tastes like spaghetti sauce with chili powder in it.

And so, without further chatter, let’s go to Cook It and look at my Non-Traditional Chili Recipe.


  1. LDSVenus says:

    I love chili, it is very yummy!! I like to use stewed tomatoes in mine – I buy the mexican flavor ones. It’s all yummy when you get right down to it!! I too love beans in mine :). But then I just like beans, didn’t dad always tell us we were full of beans? hehe

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