A Different Twist on the Blue Jar

Last night I decided to try making a Tinted Blue Jar in red.  But what I really had been thinking about was if there was a way to put a decoration on it.  Was there a way to make something (hearts?) clear, with the rest of the jar red?  Hmmm.  I had discussed this with my very smart husband previously, and I had suggested using my Cricut to leave voids in shapes and then peeling them off.  But he wisely said, “Yes, but won’t they be embedded in the Mod Podge after it dries?  And when you try to peel them off, won’t you risk peeling the color off too?”

OK, yes, I expect so.  But, I thought I would do a little experiment anyway.  I had an extra jar just sitting around waiting for a new life, and I really wanted to see what red looked like, so I went ahead!  Well, it actually turned into something a little different.  I like when that happens.  I guess I will have to call it a Tinted Red Heart Jar.

Sweet Hearts

I got really excited when I ran across a recipe for Sugar Hearts. They seemed easy and I thought it was the perfect project for Handmade Monday. In addition, I could see some practical applications, especially, something to send the boys for Valentines Day. There were only a few ingredients and few steps. Seemed right up my ally!

The only downside was that I was busy Saturday morning and I had to pick up powdered eggs and small cookie cutters so I could have them done, photographed and blog-ready by Monday. OK, no problem. You would think by my age I would know that any time I think no problem, that’s a clue. There will be problems.

But, nevertheless, they are doable, and they are cute.  So, head over do Make It and see how to make your own Sweet Sugar Hearts.

Etching Glass is Easier Than You Think

I’m always glad when something I am a little hesitant to try comes out better than I thought it would.  I love working with glass, but usually it involves breaking it or melting it.  I have wanted to try etching it, but that demands chemicals and that always intimidates me.  Especially if the warning on the container says something like “caution it will burn your skin off!”  So, while I was intrigued by the idea of etching glass, I had put off trying it.  However, I recently ran across directions again and thought, “Why not?”  Besides, I just happened to have some glass etching cream that I bought awhile back because it was on sale and because I must have been feeling brave that day.

I have been mulling over what sort of project to do.  I really thought it would be fun to make storage jars for things like coffee and tea for the kitchen, but I don’t have some nice large glass jars saved so that was out.  I did have a few smaller glass jars, and Valentine’s Day is coming up, so I thought, maybe a Valentine’s project.  That would be easy.  My Cricut has heart shapes, so it was easy to cut out the shapes on sticky vinyl so I didn’t have to cut them by hand.  You certainly CAN, or you could buy them precut, but I have to justify having a Cricut.

Anyway, that is why I did this  Etched Valentine’s Day Treat Jar.