Spring Flowers

Yay, it’s Handmade Monday again! I hope you will go visit the link, and see some of the other people who join in, there are some wonderful things being made! Most of them actually make things to sell, and they are quite impressive!

I have been really negligent. I missed last week entirely. It wasn’t that I wasn’t working on things, but the project I thought would be so cool just didn’t work out. I saw some awesome things made with plastic water bottles but either they are harder to make than they seem or I’m not as good at that as I need to be. Either way, it’s going to be awhile before those are blog worthy.

So, I made something else, and then, didn’t get it up in time for Handmade Monday last week, and somehow the week just slipped by day by day. Funny how that happens. So, I’m going to put this together early, because on Saturday I’m going to take photos for our Everglades Golden Retriever Rescue, and know that I will be busy for several days (ok, at least a week) working on photos, and want this done and out of the way, so I don’t miss getting it posted. The project is much easier than writing this blog entry has been!

Enough of making excuses and rattling on about things you’re not interested in. Let’s go to Make It and see how to make a Paper Mache Flower Pendant.