Sweater Pony

I need to take more photos while I’m working, but I wasn’t sure this was going to turn out.

I just used:

  • An old raw silk/ramie sweater but any lightweight knit fabric will work
  • Buttons *Not appropriate for children under age 3!
  • Embroidery needle
  • Batting
  • Yarn –I used a glittery yarn that I had left over from making doll hair

Decide on the shape of your horse.  This is a two dimensional critter, because that’s easiest.  Draw the pattern on paper first, so you can work it out, and then cut it out.  Be sure and make it a little larger to account for a seam.  Turn the sweater inside out and place the paper pattern over the sweater and trace around the horse pattern with a sharpie.

Cut outside of the drawing, (what I mean is give yourself some room because if the sweater material frays you may have to account for that).

Then, simply sew around the edges of your horse.  It’s a little tedious, and you will probably have to stop on the turns, lift the foot, turn the fabric and put the foot down and start sewing again.  I started at his stomach and went toward his front, up around his head and then toward his back and then stopped and left his stomach open to stuff him.  That seemed like the best way to be able to stuff his legs, as those are the hardest areas to get to.

Turn your horse right side, being careful not to push through any of your stitches.  You can use something like a chopstick (my favorite thing!) to turn the legs and ears and then fill with batting.

Because my old sweater material was quite stretchy, I didn’t stuff him too full, or he would have looked like a hippo instead of a horse.  Just use your best judgement on how full you want him.

Then stitch up his belly by hand, and you’re ready to do his mane and tail.

I used my embroidery needle and simply made big loops with the yarn sewing across the seam on his neck all the way down, and then made another set to make it more full.  When I was done I cut the loops.  I did basically the same thing for the forelock. For the tail I made about 10 big loops the length I wanted (I measured longer than he was tall because I knew I could trim it once it was in place), tied it into a bundle with more yarn and sewed it to his rear end.  I cut the loops open and then trimmed the tail to the length I wanted.  Mine has sort of a wild look, but you could even braid the tail (or a little girl would probably enjoy being able to do that herself!)

Because I was making this for an adult, I used buttons for his nose and eyes.  I keep a jar of old buttons from clothes that come off, or when I buy things that have extras.  I found 2 black ones for his nose and 2 that worked for eyes (and I thought they matched his mane and tail).  I stitched these through his head like I did with the Sock Bunnies.

Then, using some black embroidery floss, I made him a mouth that went all the way on both sides.  I should have taken a picture.  He looks like he’s smiling more on one side than on the other!

My needle work is not as good as it used to be, I guess I need more practice.  🙂  But I think this old sweater is pretty happy to be a horse now!



  1. Wendy says:

    Oh, he (he? I think he looks more a she!) is adorable – your friend will treasure him. He seems to have a happy expression 🙂 And I adore reusing old clothes for projects – I also have a button collection – old and spare buttons – reminds me of my mum’s old button tin from when I was little!

    I’m glad you’re feeling better. Being ill is no fun at all x

    • Susie says:

      He could be a she (I guess my friend can decide). I think probably because my first horse was male. Then again, my second was a mare. 🙂
      As to the buttons, yes, I wonder if all of us multi-crafters save buttons? They’re so useful (and pretty too!). And thank you, yes, that stomach flu seems to be making the rounds here in the US and with all the travel these days I’m sure it will be everywhere if it’s not already. Hope you don’t get it, it was a doozy.

  2. Jan says:

    I love your little horse and I’m sure he will be a big favourite of your friend.
    Thank you for the comment you left, I don’t know what blogger is up to, I received the email to say you left a comment and a copy of the comment but when I had a look at my blog your comment isn’t there… the weird happenings of technology confuse me sometimes and if I try to make sense of it all it often gives me a headache so I don’t bother trying to understand. I can live quite happily in my ignorance of these things.
    I looked up the clip of Camelot on You Tube (I just googled ‘The rain may never fall till after sundown) It was great to hear it being sung.
    I’m glad you are now feeling better.

    Jan x

    ps…. I keep old buttons too :o)

    • Susie says:

      I should have told you the name of the song! Silly me. I just love that whole musical tho. I have a CD of it and sometimes I put it on in the car and sing along (very bad!) and enjoy myself. I’m so glad you made me think of it.
      Anyway, yes, my friend sent me a note that she got the horse, and she did like it, altho she said her cat also was eyeing it. 🙂
      I hope I can get the whole comment/blogger thing worked out. It’s not just you though, it’s several of the others. The odd thing is, it’s not all Blogger blogs. I can’t figure it out. I’m totally not techie either. I just want things to work. I don’t want to have to understand them too. Kind of like my sewing machine.

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