Valentine’s From This and That



You still have a little time to make a homemade Valentine for someone special. I made these up and got them sent out just in time, but if you have someone local that you want to surprise you could do this right now.  They’re easy and don’t take any special skill (that means I can do it!).  You probably have what you need around your house or can improvise.  Use your own creativity and remember it really IS the thought that counts.

You will need:

  • card stock –I used some that was pre-folded 2 cards per sheet but I also used one piece of regular and cut it.  I love the pre folded but it’s more expensive.
  • acrylic paint & paint brush
  • glitter
  • white glue
  • wrapping paper
  • stamps with hearts
  • red paper (printer paper or even construction paper)
  • heart stickers
  • other stickers (I had little birds)
  • heart punch paper cutter
  • sticky letters
  • 4 3/8 x 5 1/2 envelopes

Ok, yes, I really keep all of these things around.  But if you don’t have things like the paper punch/cutter you can use scissors and cut your own hearts out, it’s just slower.  I bought most of my punches whenever I have seen them on sale.  I use them ALL THE TIME!  If you don’t have sticky letters you can just hand write. My handwriting is just not so great that I have come to love the sticky letters.  Or you could use stencils.  Or stamp letters.

Now, first, if you have to cut out your card (if you’re not using pre-folded paper which will just tear into 2 cards easily) you will need to cut one sheet in half across to make 2 pieces that are 4 ¼ x 5 ½ each.  Carefully.  I like to use a big cutter, but you can do this with good sharp scissors if you fold your paper first and cut carefully along that line.  Then fold your card, carefully.

Next, mix your paint and glitter.  I like to use disposable bowls or plates (you can even reuse take out dishes, a good way to recycle -just make sure you clean them, obviously).  Put a little paint in the color (or colors if you’re mixing) into your dish and a little water  if you need to then sprinkle some glitter in.  Mix it well.  Then I just swished it across the front of the card to make my background. This was experimental (I had never done this before so I had no idea if it would turn out or be trash).  But I liked it a lot.  You can play with it and if you’re artistic you might use a smaller brush and actually paint something.  I just used a medium sized brush and swished.  I still left some of the card showing.

Let it dry.  While it’s drying you can cut out hearts.  I cut out some from some old wrapping paper I have in my stash.  It was perfect because all I had to do was follow the lines!  I love to use paper or old cards and cut out images from them.  Easy for me and they look better than my drawing.  🙂 I also cut some of the hears from the pretty heart ribbon I had.  I had some extra pieces I had cut when making the Valentine’s frame and I didn’t want to waste it, but if you can’t find any like that you could just cut some from regular wide ribbon I think or even some fabric scraps.  I also cut some hearts from my red paper with my punch cutter (those are the frilly ones).  I wasn’t absolutely sure what I was going to do with them but they came in really handy!

When the paint is dry, decide where you want to glue your hearts.  I did the wrapping paper hearts first because I thought they would be the focal point.  Then I arranged the ribbon hearts. Be sure to leave room for your recipient’s name if you are going to personalize!  When you have them where you like them, glue them down.  I like to put glue on things like this with a small paint brush.  It’s just easier to get a thin film and not make such a gluey mess.

At this point I recommend you give it a little while to dry (half an hour at least).  But you can spend that time looking through your stickers and deciding if you need to add more with stamps or stickers.  I recommend you just use your own creative sense here.  I don’t like big bare spots but I also don’t like things too busy (usually).  But it needs to please YOU!  Also plan where you’re going to put the name if you’re going to do that.

OK, so now that it’s dry enough, go ahead and stick the name down.  Then you can see what else you need.  I used the ribbon heats and I thought they needed something so I stamped a red heart on each and on the other two I gave each a red heart stamp.  It gives them depth, I think.

On the inside I simply used one of the red paper hearts I cut out with my punch and stamped in gold ink “Happy Valentine’s Day” with a small stamp I have.  It looked nice and simple inside the card, leaving plenty of room for a message. By the way, I always try to remember to write on the back that the card was handmade by me (or Grandma etc) so the recipient can remember if they save these things like I do.

The last card was a little different.  I used 5 of the cut out hearts and made *flowers*.  I just sort of thought of it on the spur of the moment, trying to think of a way to use all of those hearts.  And to add a little interest I stamped each one before I glued it (I used the small sized glue dots) to make them “pop” a little.   The centers needed a little something and I have a small star punch so I used that.  I wish I had a heart shaped one.  One more thing to look for!

So, those are my quick and easy Valentine’s cards.  If anyone made some they want to share, let me know.  And Happy Valentine’s Day!






  1. Shirlene says:

    These are so cute. You have inspired me to get a head start on next year. Good ideas and such creativity!

    • Susie says:

      Thank you for stopping by! I always think I will do some ahead of time and time always gets away from me. But they were really fun. I want to do some more with the paint and glitter. It was easy and made it look more interesting. We should share some ideas too.

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