Christmas Tea Cup

I added a new ingredient that I’ve not used before but read about several other places. It is supposed to be water proof, although I cannot attest to that.  I intend to test this, but have not.  I would NOT use these cups for liquid or any sort of food!  But they are pretty.  🙂  You will need:

  1. Tea cup (something you want to get rid of otherwise!)
  2. Mod Podge (I used Matte)
  3. Pretty tissue paper (I like to use Christmas prints, you could use solids but you might want to experiment first)
  4. Paint brush (I buy cheap 1 inch paint brushes at Home Depot just because when they get really gunky I don’t mind throwing them away)
  5. Gold metallic thread (mine says it’s for quilting)
  6. Liquitex Gloss Super Heavy Gel (you can just use more Mod Podge if you don’t want to buy this –more on this later)
  7. A big paper plate to set things on or at least put down paper or some plastic bags to keep the mess off of your workspace
  8. Glass water bottle or something similar is VERY handy to set your cup on for drying!

Another messy project, but if you’ve done Mod Podge, you already know this.  You will need to work either the inside or outside first, it doesn’t really matter (at least I can’t figure out that one is better to start with than the other –you are going to have to do one and then let it dry and then do the other one).   I didn’t do the handle first, and later on thought it might have been better to do that first.  I think I will on the next one.

Tear your pieces of paper into strips –don’t make them uniform, they need not ALL be strips and they should not all be the same size. I think it’s probably a good idea to do the rim first.  I didn’t, so it’s not essential, but in hindsight I think it might be easier.  Then  just start laying your pieces on.  If you’ve never done this sort of thing, just know that it’s going to end up sort of like a crazy quilt, so don’t get too worried about how it looks.  If when you get the piece covered you don’t like one section, just take some more paper and put some more on it until you like the effect.  The only thing to be careful of is not to get too many wrinkles (a little bit is ok) or to let the paper roll up.  I even had two small spots that I noticed after the fact that had a tiny bit of cup showing through.  But it really looked ok.

The sequence of events is, paint Mod Podge onto your cup, place a few tissue paper strip onto cup, paint Mod Podge over the pieces you just placed on the cup.  Be careful not to move the pieces with your brush, although if you do you can always move them back.  You will get a feel for this as you do it.  It’s easier than I think I’m making it sound.

Getting around the handle and the foot of the cup were a little more difficult and I found that a toothpick was very helpful to push the paper into place.  Also you can use the toothpick to squeeze the occasional wrinkle down.  Because of the cup’s shape and things like the handle and it having an inside and an outside I had to do parts of it and then let it dry before I could do other parts. I found the glass water bottle was invaluable to invert it and let it dry while the outside bottom dried, because yes, I covered the WHOLE THING!

After I got everything covered with tissue paper, I took the gold thread and wound it around the outside pretty randomly.  The 2 hardest things are getting it under the handle and what to do with the ends.  I took a little Mod Podge on a tooth pick and glued it in line with an existing thread path so it appeared to be endless.  That was a little difficult, but it turned out well.  That’s the sort of thing that drives me crazy!

Once the thread was down, I put another coat of Mod Podge on the inside and outside and let it dry overnight.  The next day I did a coat of Liquitex.  It goes on very thick, since I didn’t thin it out at all.  I was concerned, since I looks like you have just coated your piece in that old school paste!  But, the next morning it actually had a really pretty glossy finish, and while it is still a bit tacky (I think it takes awhile to really cure) it has a bit of a texture that really catches light.  I dont’ think my photos show the details very well.

I’m sorry I didn’t take photos of the process but I couldn’t take pictures with Mod Podge all over my hands!  If you have any questions, please ask.  I’m really happy with the way this turned out and intend to do more of these.  And I hope the Liquitex turns out to be waterproof!

My intent is to make 3 more of these, they are going to be gifts.  I have something else I’m going to make to finish this project up, but I couldn’t wait to share this.  I hope you enjoyed it.  I wish I could have taken photos of the process, but I wasn’t about to touch my camera with gooey fingers!


  1. Mrs A. says:

    Thanks for the tutorial. May just give this a go. Hugs Mrs A.

    • Susie says:

      Thank you for the kind words. I am going to make a batch and I will try to take some photos of the process. And I think my brother made noises about one so I have to find something a bit more manly for him! 🙂 But try making one or some, they are really fun and turn out nicely!

  2. LDSVenus says:

    I wonder if you dont do the inside if you could maybe use it? It’s very pretty :). What a talented family we have :).

    • Susie says:

      I’m sure you could, but you would still risk getting it wet when you washed it out, and Mod Podge doesn’t really hold up to water, so it would get tacky and eventually ruin. They are just decorative.

  3. The gold thread really does make a difference to the effect, well done, I love messy makes.
    Sometimes if I’m doing a messy job and want to take pics along the way I set the camera up on the tripod, set out a place for the object and have a few plastic food bags handy. I can then pop my hand into the bag, switch on and click the camera and it all stays clean. I also keep a bag handy next to the phone in case it rings while I’m working. :o)

    Jan x

    • Susie says:

      I really should use my tripod more often, that’s such a good idea. BUT the plastic food bags, that is such a wonderful idea that never even crossed my mind! You are a genius! And I have them stored up, I never toss them (I do use them for trash and such, but here is another great use!) YOU ROCK Jan!)

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    Lesley @ bath bomb creations

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