Pocket Notebook

This little Pocket Notebook was pretty easy.  I think you could keep a box or a large ziplock of things to accumulate and make them while you watch TV or for the Grandkids (or kids) to do.  They would make nice gifts and be a way to use old Christmas (or other) cards you don’t want to toss out.

Because I’m visual, I’ve included photos, hope that helps.  This is pretty simple, but if you have any questions, ask.



First of course, you need to assemble your materials.  I couldn’t find any brads (paper fasteners) so I grabbed some string and ribbon, which I always have on hand.  And of course, my coffee.  Who can work without a cup of coffee? OK, or maybe tea.


Card for Cover

I chose a card sent to me by a good friend that I had held onto because I love it.  I thought I would be able to cut it in half and make a front and back cover with it, plus it was flexible enough for a cover.  Something too rigid like cardboard will bend and be unsuitable.  And I love the little black lab puppies.

Cut the Card

Card the card in Half

The directions called for using a craft knife to cut the paper, but I know I would have had some unusual shapes if I had done that, so I dragged out my cutter and had at it.  I love that thing!  A good friend gave me hers because she didn’t use it, and I don’t know what I would do without it.  Anyway, I carefully cut the card in half, and was glad that this one cut in a pleasing place, so the front cover looks nice, and I don’t care quite so much about the back cover, although I think it’s still appealing since it has one whole puppy on it.

I used the cutter also to cut pages for the notebook, just slightly smaller than the covers (so they are protected by the covers).  That took the most time.  If you decided to make these on a regular basis that’s something you could do while watching TV–or assign to an older child.  I cut one piece and then used it as a template.  I do other paper crafts so I found scraps of scrapbooking paper, some old computer paper that I had in my paper making box and other odds and ends.

Cut Paper

Cut paper, ready to assemble

I didn’t want to have all of one color paper together, so I took a little time to arrange it with no two same colors together.  But you might want to assemble it with like colors together.  It just depends on what you like and what you are going to do with the notebook.

Measuring the Holes

Measuring the Holes

Since my notebook was not a nice even size, I was going to have to figure the middle of a strange little number.  Math is not my best subject.  So, this is the easy way to do this sort of thing.  If your brain already works like this, just pass on by, but if you haven’t already worked a method like this out (or been taught it) here is a quick way to measure and get those holes in the right spot.  Cut a piece of paper the same width as your cover.  Fold it in half (top pic).  Fold that in half again (bottom pic).  Punch your holes where the first and third fold are (the second fold is the middle).  Easy as pie!

Mark Paper for Holes

Mark paper for holes

So, I punched the holes in the cover (front and back) and used the front cover to mark the holes in one of the pages.  I used that page to punch the holes in the rest of the pages.  Be careful with this step as it’s easy to accidentally get things out of line and end up with a crooked little book.  Which might be ok, if that doesn’t bother you.  But it would bug me.    As you can see from mine, it doesn’t have to be perfect.  See the bottom photo. They aren’t perfect.  Who is?

Assemble Cover and Pages

Assemble with Ribbon or String

Then, simply put your ribbon (or string, or brads–paper fasteners–if you want to use those) thru the holes to assemble your Pocket Notebook.  I punched a little star down in the corner, since I have a cute little star punch I ran across while looking for the hole punch, and thought it would add a little decorative touch.  I also added a little star “button” with glue that I ran across.  I save all sorts of little odds and ends for just this sort of thing.  You could decorate these with almost anything you have around.

Finished Pocket Notebook

Finished Pocket Notebook

I have to say, I was really pleased with the finished product. Easy, cute, and useful.  AND it used up stuff that most people would have tossed in the trash.  I don’t know what could be better than that!

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