Card Keeper

If you make cards for people or if you like to buy cards when you find them, this is a great project for yourself or to make as a gift.  It’s probably not really difficult, now that I figured out what doesn’t work!  🙂  For this I used:

  • 6 sheets of white cardstock paper (8 by 10)
  • 6 sheets of black cardstock paper (8 by 10)
  • 9 inch 3 ring notebook
  • 3 –2 inch book rings
  • scrapbooking glue
  • tissue wrapping paper
  • Mod Podge
  • hole punch

Bear in mind, you can make the colors however you want, I wanted to have white paper on the outside and black on the inside, so that’s how I’m going to explain this.  Obviously, do it however makes you happy.
fold card

Fold a piece of the white cardstock along the long side about 1/4 of the way up.  Then fold the cardstock in half.  Repeat with the other 5 pieces of white paper.  You can see what they should look like in the picture.  Be sure to carefully match the edges of the paper as you fold so that everything is straight, otherwise you will end up with a bit of a mess.  Don’t ask how I know this.

After you have finished with this, set these aside.  The next part is easier.  But don’t get too smug.  This is the easiest part of the project.  🙂

fold black cardstock

Next fold the black cardstock in half the same direction that you folded the white, (except don’t make the small 1/4  fold at the bottom –see photo).

Again, be careful to make sure everything is nicely lined up so that your folds are straight.  It will make a big difference in your finished product.

Repeat for all of the black cardstock.

Once you have all of these done, insert the black cardstock pieces into the white ones, by sliding the bottom of the black piece into the “sleeve” made in the bottom of the white piece.  It can be a slide the black paper into the whitelittle tricky, but it will work.  You might feel like you need to trim the black paper just a little bit, but don’t trim it too much (if at all).  By the way, if you mess one up, you can always make another –don’t ask me how I know… 🙂

There is your little spot to slip cards into!  Of course you’re not nearly done, but you can see what the card keeper part is about.  Do the other 5 pages and be glad that each page has 2 sides and there are only 12 months in the year!  Imagine if we lived on a planet with 30 or 40 months!

At this point you will want to print out some sort of month heading and day spot for each page.  You have some options.  I just made something up on my computer.  If you have a nice calendar program, you may have something you can just print out (I didn’t) or you might find something premade (I didn’t).  If you are good with hand lettering (I’m not) you can probably just draw something too.  Mine took me a whole afternoon and I’m not overly thrilled with it, but it is what it is.  At any rate, you want something on each page to write birthdates into, so you will know what cards to put into that sleeve.

The next thing I had to think about was how to bind it.  I did some internet searching and there were options, but I wanted it to be easy to open up wide, so I thought a notebook would be good.  I bought a 9 inch 3 ring binder (the smaller sort of notebook).  You can see it in the photo.  I measured the rings and used a piece of paper and with a hole punch punched holes in the pages I had made, and put them into the notebook, but I wasn’t very pleased with the result.  It really wasn’t big enough, and the pages sort of hampered each other.  It didn’t work.  Hmmm.  Now I was stuck.

But, my wonderful husband to the rescue.  After a day of contemplating, he said, “What about those big loose rings?”  I admit they had never crossed my mind.  But he was right and he’s a genius!  So, off to the office store we went. I was disappointed that they didn’t have the big ones in colors (why don’t they ever have exactly what I need in exactly the way I need it?) so I got regular chrome ones.  At this point, don’t ask for miracles!  They did have awesome RED ones in a smaller size and I bought those too for a later project.

I coud salvage the front and back covers of the notebook, which my husband carefully removed for me (for some reason he really doesn’t like me to have really sharp objects around my fingers) and put the holes into them with my hole punch (which I think is probably “done for” now).  I might think of a project for the ring/binder thingie, I’m not sure, it looks like *something*.

Now it was time to do something FUN!  MOD PODGE!  I think you will recognize this tissue paper.  Yeah, it’s a favorite of mine, and I think that sadly, this is the last of it.  But, I thought it was manly enough to put on something for my Dad.  I covered the outside front and back cover with the stripes, and the insides with a reddish that looked nice with it.  I thought about putting something on the front cover, but really, I liked the way it looked so much in the end, I decided against putting anything else.  Just 3 coats of Mod Podge on each side.

Once it was really dry, I could put it all together.  Just be sure all of the months are where they need to be.  🙂  This is the sort of project that lends itself to creativity, once you have figured out the basics.    I think the major caution is to be really sure your Mod Podge is really dry before you put it together so that you don’t have things sticking together and ruining all of your work.  Don’t ask how I know.  🙂

Hope my Dad likes it as much as I love the cards he makes me!  🙂

Finished Card Keeper


  1. Wendy says:

    Susie, it’s fab!! I’m sure your dad will love it. How impressed am I that he is good with cards – all the men I know leave it up to women to sort out!

    It made me laugh that your husband doesn’t like you near sharp tools – mine is jumping up and down when I use a chainsaw! And I saw a bandsaw at a boot sale (second hand sale) but he steered me away from it quite carefully. He thought I might lose all my fingers.

    Interesting, as my dad lost two fingers when he was a young man and worked on a grindstone. It may run in the family :-O

    • Susie says:

      Oh Wendy, I think if my husband saw me with a chainsaw, well, I shudder to think! LOL I usually have various bandaids on my fingers. 😉 I did have 2 uncles who were missing fingers too. A family thing perhaps. ARE we related? 🙂
      And I am so glad my Dad makes cards (they are computer cards, but quite nice, with personal photos, etc–real treasures). I always save them.

  2. Alison - Belovedly says:

    That’s really nice I keep hearing about modge podge but don’t actually know what it is. Must google!

  3. Mrs A. says:

    Sounds like you had great fun putting this together. Don’t ask me how I know that!!! Love the fab bright colours together. Hugs Mrs A.

    • Susie says:

      LOL! I mostly had fun, although this one got my goat a couple of times. Of course, if I planned better, I suppose things would be different, but if I planned better, *I* would be a different person. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by.

  4. What a great idea! Men presents are so difficult, but I am sure your Dad will just love this one! I just love Mod Podge – things you make using Mod Podge always look as though they will last forever…! Nancy

    • Susie says:

      I agree Nancy, about Mod Podge. I love the smooth finish it gives too. It’s an awesome product, and no, I don’t work for them! 🙂

  5. RosMadeMe says:

    What a clever idea, your dad will be thrilled with it, especially as it will be just what he needs!

  6. redneedle says:

    How lovely that your dad makes his own cards – he’ll be thrilled with this. Thanks for the tutorial

  7. Charters says:

    What a very thoughtful present, looks quite a feat to achieve! Well worth the effort though, and I’m sure he’ll love it.

  8. Susie says:

    Thank you all for coming by and your nice comments. 🙂

  9. Lau W says:

    it is difficult to achieve things for men and I think your achievement is great, you have nimble fingers, I love your work, and I’m sure your father will like it very much !

  10. Martha says:

    Damn! clever you! nice and practical present, just as men like it 😉

    • Susie says:

      Turns out, he did like it. And he saw my blog before the gift got to him (but it did get there before Father’s Day!) so he already knew what it was. 🙂 But that’s ok, he liked it.

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