How Did It Get To Be 2017?

Somehow when I wasn’t looking several years passed and I didn’t blog!  I was busy making things and yes I was cooking but somehow I didn’t put anything here on my website!  Shame on me!  Well, I made a New Years resolution to get back at it, and here it is February and I still haven’t started, so, here I am, trying to get back into the habit.  Yes indeed!  Hopefully someone will stop back by, but if not, I’ll just be sending these out into cyberspace.

I do have a cool new cooking toy that I want to share.  Hopefully in the very near future.  And I’ll share some things I’ve made, and dig up some of the photos I took along the way thinking I would post them at some point.  And, I’ll post some cool snow pictures I took when we went to New Mexico in January!  Yeah, snow is a big deal when you live where it’s summer all of the time.

So, ok, I’m back.  I promise.