Quick Christmas Ornament

I’m going to do a more in depth tutorial on making colored glass balls, but wanted to share something I made that I had to package and send, and I just never can wait, so here is a quick explanation with a photo.  This is a clear pink glass ball that I simply pushed some thin white ribbon into –the sort that is edged with shiny silver so it sparkles!

Don’t trim the ribbon until you have finished shoving it into the ball and just keep shoving it in until you like the effect.  If it bunches up and you don’t like it, pull it out and try again.  Leave enough out on both ends to tie a bow (if you can’t guestimate be safe and leave several inches).  Then pop the top back on, tie a bow around the hanger ring thingie and you are DONE!  You could jazz it up a little more if you wanted to put a little ribbon around the neck but I just left it just like that.  Quick, easy and I thought really charming.  I think this would make a great craft for kids too.


  1. Lau W says:

    Oh i have made a a ball too, i put it on my blog soon ! Love this idea, yes i think it’s charming too !
    Hugs and kisses !

    • Susie says:

      Thank you, I will so look forward to seeing it! I hope it is also very easy, as I love simple things (I always make a mess with difficult projects!) 🙂

  2. Lau W says:

    Mine is imple too, but you must have a strong glue.
    I put in my ball an angel and feathers :-))

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