Christmas Cards

I am closing in on the cards, and hopefully by the time you read this they will be in the mail –at least most of them.  But I am writing this a little early so that I can get it posted and get back to work.  I have most of them finished, so I thought I would do a few photos before I put them into envelopes and realized I was short a few (or maybe not a few!)

I won’t go into details about the making of them, since eat one was different.  I will just admit to using my Cricut (and I will post a photo of it soon for those who don’t know what it is) to cut the cards and the words and some of the shapes.  I also cut out things from wrapping paper, and leftover Christmas cards from other years, ribbon, and fancy pens, colored pencils (altho sadly I cannot find my good artists colored pencils, they have managed to hide themselves somewhere in the craft room mess, but I know they will turn up).

I wrote the messages on vellum paper that I had from another project because I was afraid if I tried to write directly onto the cards I would mess up and have to throw away cards I spent a lot of time on.  I spent a great deal of time deciding how to affix the vellum into the card, but finally settled on the little corners you can buy to put photos into scrap books.  This has the added advantage of not only looking nice (they basically disappear on the page if you use the clear ones) but the recipient could recycle the card if they wanted to by removing the greeting and putting their own in there! Or, even replacing it with a photo.  It was an accidental idea, and I have to give my husband credit for pointing it out to me.  I should also mention that he’s the one who cut out all the vellum for the messages too.  He’s a wonderful partner because he never seems to mind those mundane tasks that make me crazy!

I’m pleased with the cards.  Some of them look a little whimsical (that means they look like a small child made them!) but hopefully the people who get them will enjoy them.  I know I had fun making them.  I would have had more fun if I had started them in August.  🙂

Now, go and check out the other Handmade Monday crafts.  I am going to, and then I hopefully will post a few other things over the next week.  I have done a few other Christmas Crafts.  Once the cards are in the mail, and I have my Christmas shopping done (closing in on it!) my only other big project is little kitchen thing that is going to disrupt the entire house, I’m afraid.  So, I will either have lots of time to blog, or I will be nowhere to be seen.  I’m not sure which.



  1. Lau W says:

    OMG ! so fantastic cards, love them all ! you’re busy my friend ! Oh and the little corners, such a good idea, i don’t known these things, that’s cool ! The card with ten reinder is so nice ! Very nice work my friend !
    Bisous !

  2. Jam Dalory says:

    Wow you have been busy, the cards look great and what a good way to be eco-friendly making them re-usable. I bet those who receive them will want to keep them for themselves though. x

  3. Carol says:

    Cards are lovely and the recipients should be very pleased with them. I do wonder if they all realise the effort you have put into them although I expect you got pleasure and satisfaction out of the making.

  4. Planet Penny says:

    What a fantastic array of cards, you must have spent ages on them. They look amazing!

  5. mcrafts says:

    your cards are great – and so many of them! Good idea with the little corners too,
    Mich x

  6. Adaliza says:

    Your cards are awesome – I always love receiving handmade cards. Your friends will appreciate all the work that’s gone into each and every one of them. Have a lovely Christmas. x

  7. They do look very good. Designs look very different and upbeat!

    (linky parties live)

  8. Jill says:

    Wow – -you have been busy and they are all gorgeous. Well done.

  9. redneedle says:

    I love your cards and what a great idea with the vellum! Always difficult to work out how to fix it too but those corners seem to work a treat.

  10. Pickle-Lily says:

    In utter awe at making all your cards – I haven’t even started to look for mine yet – hoping I have some left over from last year!!! WOW!
    Jo x

  11. Fantastic cards, I love the corner’s idea and your hubby’s idea for replacing the message with a photo. Recycled images are a great way to use up last years cards. Good luck with the kitchen.

    Jan x

  12. linda says:

    What a great selection of cards – they look very jolly together. I keep some of my old cards and get them out every year just because the pictures are so nice. Well done
    Linda x

  13. Caroline says:

    You have been so busy, well done you have certainly put me to shame

  14. You’ve not only been busy, you’ve been a one person machine. They all look amazing. I agree with Caroline you put us to shame!

  15. Mrs A says:

    Love your set of whimsical cards. Great idea with the photo tabs for holding the sentiment.Hugs Mrs A.

  16. Anita Mistry says:

    Your cards are truly wonderful and unique and to use the cricut is allowed – its how you use it that matters not that you used it at all. Absolutely wonderful cards.

  17. Thanks for popping over and leaving a comment, it made me smile, I’m picturing finding a whole string of time buried under the cushions along with the dropped crumbs and the long forgotten lost coins.
    Many of my neighbours are American and we were invited to join in their Thanksgiving Celebrations. (I live near a USAF base)

    Jan x

  18. Martha says:

    love your cards, stunning! fantastic colours, layouts n so eye catching!
    love the simple minimalistic style 🙂
    your cricut works wonders!

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