Norman and Catherine

Norman and Catherine by sundero
Norman and Catherine, a photo by sundero on Flickr.

You probably wonder who the heck Norman and Catherine are. I have no idea either. These two cups still sit in my Dad’s cupboard and every time I go home to visit him I look forward to being either “Catherine” or “Norman”. It hardly matters which one I am.
My Mom bought them somewhere, because they were on sale. It didn’t matter that her name wasn’t Catherine (or Norman!) and neither was my Dad’s. In fact, none of us was named Norman or Catherine. They were good cups and they were on sale.
That was how Mom was. She liked a good sale.
And so, when I would visit, she and I would be Catherine and Norman (we didn’t care who would be whom) and it became a funny joke between us.
Now that she’s gone, when I visit Dad, sometimes my Dad or husband is Catherine or Norman, and it still makes me happy to laugh about it. Memories are like that. Or should be.

Because today is also Handmade Monday please go check out the link and see what everyone is doing.  I have been out of town on vacation, but promise to get back on track, making things and posting recipes and back to my normal blogging self!


  1. Jill says:

    Just need to advertise for a Norman and Catherine. Nice mugs though.


  2. Objects can evoke such fond memories and it seems these mugs have a real story in your family.

  3. Caroline says:

    Memories that make us laugh are the best and something to treasure for ever.

  4. It’s a sweet story and its lovely that they still make you smile x

  5. Rita says:

    Aww that has me all emotional now!
    How lovely though.
    I use my Dads tools every day in my sculpting, I feel so close to him while I work,
    even though he has been gone 25 years it could be 25 hours or 25million years.
    No difference! xxx

  6. Mrs A. says:

    Lovely story. We have a diagram that hubbys Dad did for him so that he would know how to make up the flat trolley that he left us. Pretty simple to work it out for yourself but his flow chart is a piece of art! Sometimes the simple things in life are the best memories. Hugs Mrs A.

  7. Wendy says:

    Oh Susie, this *so* brought a smile to my face!! Your mother and mine must’ve been long-lost sisters! My mum also loves a sale and she wouldn’t mind about names on cups either.

    I once bought a skirt that was half-price, and when I showed my mum she said: “Oh yes, what a bargain! Why didn’t you buy two?”

  8. I have an image of you mum – my friends nain was the same so they have become the same person.
    I lost my dad last year, and there are lots of stories like that in our house, including ‘what he would have said’ about a current event.

  9. Susie says:

    Thank you all, I love other people’s stories about their memories too! I think memories are as precious as real things, maybe moreso. It’s why I keep things, because of the memories attached to them. And it’s one reason I started my blog, to share the memories with my kids and grandkids. And I hope I inspire others to do the same.

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