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I have not felt very creative lately, I completely missed last weeks Handmade Monday not because I forgot but because I didn’t make anything, and this weeks first project idea was a complete disaster (read it just didn’t come out very interesting or well so I’m not even blogging about it).  But then I got another idea, and I not only liked it, I kind of love it!

So, here is the thing.  I mentioned to my awesome neighbor Pam that if she had some extra jars I needed them for projects.  I was thinking the odd throwaway mayo jar or pickle jar.  Well, she gave me 2 cases of Ball Jars that she had.  They have been sitting in my kitchen waiting for inspiration to hit me.  I couldn’t etch them, obviously since they have embossed writing on them, and I wasn’t yet up for doing Christmas things in jars.

But, todays project was PERFECT for Ball Jars. I hope you’ll agree.  And I still have more of those jars to play with.  🙂

So, for now, head over to Make It and let’s make some Glittery Mod Podge Jar Candles.
And don’t forget to head over to Handmade Monday, I’m so very late today, but that’s where I’m going right now!

Finished candle


  1. What great jars, I wish I had a ‘Pam’ for a neighbour.

    Jan x

  2. Anita Mistry says:

    That’s a clever way of using the jars. If they have lids you could make a lovely themed display inside with things floating down from the lids – hope that makes sense – its late and my brains not working. I will take a pic of an altered bottle that I made some years ago.

  3. Caroline says:

    Beautiful jars, what a colour

  4. fatmonica says:

    Great idea!They’re lovely jars.

  5. lisa says:

    Susie, they are gorgeous, and what a neat idea!
    I think they would make great gifts.

  6. redneedle says:

    Inspired! You have a very good neighbour

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