Projects Sometimes Take on Lives of Their Own

Sometimes I start with an idea, and maybe I even think I know where I’m going with it.  But somewhere along the way it takes a detour because either the idea I had really isn’t working out, or because I didn’t plan really well, or I thought of something better, or, well, whatever.  There are a million and one reasons.  I don’t really care, as long as the finished product is something I like and I had fun.  This frame is one of those things.  Thankfully I think it turned out better than I originally even envisioned it.

When my youngest son and his wife visited in January I took a photo of them that I really liked and I wanted to send it to them.  But I decided I wanted to frame it.  At some point I decided I would make a frame and blog about it (of course!) and since this whole Handmade Monday thing is causing me to have to come up with something, I thought, yes, ok, that’s what I would do this week.

At first I thought of doing a decoupage frame with paper of some sort. Then I thought something beachy would be better.  I have done some really fun shell frames in the past, although I was not up for doing a whole one of those yet, because they are very time consuming and there was no way I could start one on Sunday and have it ready for THIS Monday.  So, anyway, this whole thing evolved.

But, I think you will like it.  I’ll show you how it grew from a bare idea into a finished product.  Let’s just head over to Make It and take a look at the Beach Shell Frame.