Chili and Chocolate in Harmony

I think I’ve established that I like chili and chocolate.  Chili and chocolate together would be some sort of cosmic perfection.  And it is.  I have had it in several different incarnations, but the other evening we needed a dessert to take to dinner at a friend’s home.  I needed something easy to transport that didn’t have wheat (for me) and I wanted something I could blog about.

I searched the internet and found an interesting sounding recipe called Hot Chocolate Meringue Cake.  I had most of the ingredients, and it really doesn’t take that many different things.  We did have to buy extra whipping cream, and I was out of cayenne pepper ( a fluke!) but it was mostly things I usually have on hand.  Yes, I do usually have whipping cream in my fridge, don’t you?

It turned out pretty well, however, it wasn’t very easy to serve.  Fortunately these are really good friends, and we all just laughed.  It was so delicious that no one seemed to care anyway.  But, I thought, this would be easy to change a little and make it into individual servings instead of the large (and granted beautifully impressive) but difficult to serve cake.

So, go to Cook It and check out my version of Individual Hot Chocolate Meringue Kisses.

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