Start At The Beginning

The only way to get started is to jump in.  And as someone else said, the best place to start is at the beginning.  So, a brief explanation is probably in order.  Something I’m not good at.  The brief part.  Bear with me.  I will do my best at that because I hate pages with lots of text to wade through.

My plan is to post what I do.  Originally I wanted to share my recipes, and start with what I used to cook when my 3 boys were growing up, mostly for them, now that they are married.  Just in case they wanted them.  I thought I would enlist my husband and we would make them (so I could actually measure ingredients since I never did before) and take photos.  That’s how the idea of this blog was born.

Then I thought, why not also do the same thing for the other things I do.  I do a lot of random arts and crafts, fused glass, mosaics, paper making, photography, paper cutting, you name it.  Anything that looks cool and fun and messy.  If no one but a few friends and family members ever looks, I guess that’s ok.  I bet my Dad will check it out.  🙂

So, that’s where this is going.

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